Daniel and the Revelation:

Echo re-echo’s the views held by the King James translators, scholars of the Protestant Reformation and Reformation Period and Sir Isaac Newton. The old is being re-told in a new and fresh format. Like a resurrection from the dead the old truths are coming to life again. His insight into the past will illume and pierce the darkness. The scrolls of Revelation are unrolled and connected to history.

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Prophecy of Daniel Table of Contents

Daniel 01 Trail by Food and Wisdom

God had sent prophet after prophet with stern warnings for Israel and Judea to reform but they were stiff necked and rebellious, so God chose a heathen nation to carry out his orders, namely, seventy years of captivity. About ninety percent of the population was either killed by war or massacred by the Babylonians and only those who were skilled or strong enough for hard labor were taken into slavery. The Babylonians captured Jerusalem and carried away civilians as war captivities and not one was ever released. Among the captivities was a young man by the name of Daniel. This chapter will tell us how he rose from a captive slave to a high government official in both kingdoms. For the next three years Daniel and his three companions will be oriented into the Babylonian culture and religion. They learn the language of the king’s court and will become servants in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar. Throughout the book you will see that God will bring them down and exalt the God of Israel.

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Daniel 02 A Stone Cut Out of a Mountain

A large sum of money was spent in erecting an Image of gold on the plains of Dura. Everybody who was ‘somebody’ was invited to the dedication. It was a common thing for kings to erect images of themselves. At this state affair everyone was asked to bow and worship the image. Since the ten commandments forbade image worship the three Hebrew children (probably 46 years old) refused to give homage to the Idol. These men went all the way with God. They are not going to worship a graven image. Tied up with ropes they are cast into the furnace that was heated with extreme heat. Suddenly the king sees four men in the fire and they are unhurt. The real God appears in the very furnace from which he had made his god. The angry king now is forced to recognize the real and only god. This supernatural appearance cut the legs out from under the king. Read the whole story and see for yourself.

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Daniel 03 God of Fire

A large sum of money was spent in erecting an Image of gold on the plains of Dura. Everybody who was ‘somebody’ was invited to the dedication. It was a common thing for kings to erect images of themselves. At this state affair everyone was asked to bow and worship the image. Since the ten commandments forbade image worship the three Hebrew children (probably 46 years old) refused to give homage to the Idol. These men went all the way with God. They are not going to worship a graven image. Tied up with ropes they are cast into the furnace that was heated with extreme heat. Suddenly the king sees four men in the fire and they are unhurt. The real God appears in the very furnace from which he had made his god. The angry king now is forced to recognize the real and only god. This supernatural appearance cut the legs out from under the king. Read the whole story and see for yourself.

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Daniel 04 Bird Feathers and Eagle Claws

Nebuchadnezzar  extols the name of the Most High God because of his signs, wonders, and kingdom of dominions.  This king had a dream and none of the Astrologers, Chaldeans, or Soothsayers could decipher it.  He summons Daniel, of whom he had named  Belteshazzar after the name of his god, in whom he said was the ‘spirit of the gods’.  The dream was about a tree, which grew as high as the heavens and could be seen from the ends of the earth.  Then a divine being came and cut the tree down, but from the stump came up new growth.  Daniel gave the following explanation of the dream to mean that the tree represented the king and that he would be cut down to size and he would act like a lunatic and think that he was an animal for seven years after which he would regain his senses and again reign as king.

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Daniel 05 Handwriting on the Wall

A Royal State Affair was planned.  Invitations were sent out.  The banquet was in full swing.  Music, dancing,  show girls, drinking—the whole gala affair.  So, they brought out the consecrated vessels that they had obtained when they looted the temple at Jerusalem.  Belshazzars impieties had gone too far, suddenly there is a mysterious writing on the wall of the palace.  All it took to scare the daylights out of the king was a finger writing on the wall.  All it took was four words.  All of this was written in the secret language employed only in the king’s court.   Daniel interpreted it to mean that Belshazzar’s time was up and that the Meads and Persians would prevail.  Before the sun comes up the king is lying in a pool of blood and Babylon had passed into the hands of the Meads and the Persians.

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Daniel 06 God Who Tames Lions

Persia has just conquered the Babylonians and Cyrus is well informed that Daniel was third rank in the Babylonian kingdom.  He therefore, puts Daniel in charge giving him the highest rank as a member of his new cabinet.  The other one hundred and twenty princes were filled with envy that a Jew who was a war prisoner from Babylon should rule over them.  So, they contrived a charge against Daniel for insubordination to a new law regarding prayer.  Daniel did not start praying or stop praying—he continued to pray as usual.  There followed a conspiracy, then an investigation, and an interdict.  The scheme worked and Daniel is arrested, indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced.  But the whole plan began to unravel and soon backfired and his accusers are put in the lion’s den.  The outcome pleases the king and he sends a decree that everyone was to fear and revere the God of Daniel.  Daniel was held in high esteem in both political regimes.

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Daniel 07 The Little Horn

Out of the sea of humanity a storm is brewing.  It is not a tornado or heavy rain but a political unrest resulting in the rise and fall of political regimes.  In this chapter there are four beasts (kingdoms that acted like beasts).  The four animals, lion, bear, leopard, and a nondescript animal representing four kingdoms.  When Daniel wrote his prophecy only one of the kingdoms was in existence, but with the telescope of prophecy he unveils the future of world history.  The lion represented the Babylonian empire, while the bear represented Medo-Persia and the Leopard represented Alexander the Great and the nondescript animal (which is called the fourth kingdom) represents the Roman Empire and the little horn that came up out of the fourth empire represents the papacy.  This beast occupies the attention of Daniel more than any other because it would kill the saints, change God’s laws, and blaspheme God and finally after twelve hundred and sixty years lose its dominion.

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Daniel 08 The Ram and the Goat

Standing by the river a vision comes to Daniel regarding a ram with two horns and one was taller than the other.  Later in the chapter he tells us that the ram is the Medo-Persion Empire and the two horns are the two powers and that the highest horn is the Persians.  He sees the ram pushing West, North and South and none could stop him.  He had conquered all regions from the Caspian Sea to Egypt.  Then he sees a goat with one horn, later in this chapter he identifies the goat as the king of Greece (Alexander the Great).  Daniel sees the goat run into the ram with all his fury. When Alexander’s army met Darius on the field of battle, at  Arbela, Granicus and at Issus he had thirty five thousand soldiers and Darius had five hundred thousand.  In the first battle Alexander lost five hundred and Darius lost one hundred thousand.  As the prophet says: ‘he ran into him with all his fury’.  The goat became great (ruled the world) and his horn was broken (Alexander died) and four horns sprang up in it place.  (His four generals will rule the world).  A little horn sprang up from the Seleucid’s that ruled Syria, his name was Antiochus Epiphanies who attacked the Holy Land and desecrated the temple and took away the daily sacrifice for twenty three hundred days.  The exposition section will describe in detail this foul character.

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Daniel 09 God’s Mathematical Addition

Somewhere hidden in the archives of Babylon was a copy of Jeremiah’s scroll.  This scroll was probably sixty feet long, rolled on a cylinder and stored in a round elongated wooden or pottery cylinder and protected for safekeeping.  Daniel’s eyes came to rest on the twelfth verse of the twenty-fifth chapter.  Now he knows for sure that all the exiles (war prisoners children and grand children) will return to Jerusalem.  Insomuch as time is drawing close when will it happen?  After all God could rescind the agreement on the basis that Israel had not fulfilled their end of the bargain (Covenant).  It is amazing that Daniel gets all that he prayed for and more than he bargained for.  First Gabriel tells Daniel that he came to give him skill and understanding.  Here is the sum of that understanding:  From the Persian decree to rebuild Jerusalem to the  rebuilding of the  temple will be forty nine years, then four hundred and thirty four years later the Messiah will come, then three and one half years later he will be crucified and three and one half years later the Gentiles will be called to the kingdom.  This commentary will give you all the details.

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Daniel 10 God of Answered Prayer

Daniel mourned over the state of the nation. They had left Babylon but were still in Persia.  For twenty-one days he fasts and prays.  On April 24th. 537 B.C. he had a heavenly visitor.  Daniel shook like a reed in a strong wind.  He hears some reassuring words: Gabriel said that Michael had come to help him with the prince of Persia.  Somehow the prince of Persia was trying to thwart heavens plans.  Gabriel assures Daniel that his prayer had been heard but he had to attend a more urgent matter and now he had come to Daniels aid. Upon the news of what would befall his people in the latter days Daniel becomes weak and fell on the ground.  The angel strengthened Daniel and encouraged him to be strong.  The angel said he had to go and fight with the prince of Persia for the prince of Greece shall come.  You will not need a master’s degree to figure this out. Here is a hint:  The prince of Greece is Alexander the Great, the goat man who comes against the prince Persia. More details are waiting for you in the exposition.

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Daniel 11 God of Jewish Destiny

Remember that in chapter ten, God revealed to Daniel what would befall his people in the latter end. In this chapter he downloads the whole story. First, the fourth king of Persia (Xerxes) will stir up the king of Greece (Alexander the great). Just at the peak of his triumphancy, Alexander will be broken and his kingdom divided towards the four winds of heaven. A novice at history will immediately realize that Alexander’s kingdom went to his four generals. The remaining part of the chapter tells the story of the king of the North (Syria) and the king of the south (Egypt). The king of the North (Antiochus) divorces Laodice in order to marry Bernice, the daughter of the king of the South. Their son would rule the North kingdom (Syria). The angel tells Daniel that this pre-nuptial marriage agreement will not stand. The exposition will tell about the divorce, disinheriting, poisoning, murder, and with them the historical fulfillment of prophecy.

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Daniel 12 God of the Future

 Michael the archangel has played an important role in chapters nine through twelve of this book.    Every one who is written in the book of life will have everlasting life and the wicked will have shame and everlasting contempt.  There will be a general resurrection of the dead and Jesus shall judge the world.  In the meantime we who are wise need to shine brightly and turn many to righteousness.  Daniel was told to seal the book.  Daniel sees two standing on each side of the river and the one that was clothed in linen stood on the waters and swore that it shall be for time, times, and one half time.  That is, that the time of Antichous was over.  Cf. verse 11 the time of the abomination was over with.  Finally Daniel would rest with his fathers till resurrection day.

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The Revelation of John Table of Contents

Revelation 01 Jesus Is the Alpha and Omega

When Daniel finished the Book Of Daniel he was told to “shut up the words, and seal the book,” Dan 12:4. John was instructed just the opposite. “Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.” Rev. 22:10. Contrary to the speculations regarding another date it seems certain that John wrote the book about A.D. 96. We are first introduced to symbolism. It was a “spiritual code” only bible readers could understand this code. No officer (Government official) could cite any of this document against believers. However, do not get trapped into believing that the events described under symbols are not real. About 300 references to the Old Testament are found in this one book. If we anchor our ideas based on what the Old Testament teaches then we will have a true interpretation. If you are not grounded in the interpretation of Old Testament prophecies then you will not understand the code. In most cases I will refer you back to the Old Testament so you will see how the code was applied. If you are able to decode the Old Testament prophecies then you will be able in most cases to understand the New Testament prophecies. I have quoted the Old Testament Scriptures so the average reader can see clearly the meaning intended by the Holy Spirit and thus crack the code.

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Revelation 02 Letters to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, and Thyatira

The temple of Diana was located here. It was one of the seven wonders of the world. Paul spent three years here. Timothy labored here. Aquila, Priscilla, Apollos, Gius, Aristarchus, are all of Ephesus. It was a rich magnificent, commercial city with large harbors. There is not now a single house upon the sight of this ancient city. Near is a small Turkish village of Ayasaluk.
Here Polycarp was burned at the stake in 168 A.D. when he was 86 years old. He was converted in A.D. 82. Ignatos tells us that he was Bishop at Smyrna in 108 A.D. Turtullian tells us that he was ordained by John. Polycarp was urged to say “Caesar is Lord” but refused . He was brought to the stadium and the proconsul urged him saying “swear and I will set you at liberty, reproach Christ. Polycarp answered 86 years I have served him and he never did me any injury, how then can I blaspheme my Lord and Saviour.” This church which was located 40 miles North West of Ephesus has been called the persecuted Church.
The following message is being sent to the Bishop of the church at Pergamos. It was a large city and capitol of a province of Asia Minor. It had a large library of 200,000 volumes; also a famed temple of Ascuapius, the God of healing who was worshipped under the emblem of a serpent which believers in Christ believed to be the very symbol of Satan. This is still a medical symbol today. Satan is symbolized as a serpent 2 Cor. 11:3. The city is now called Bergama.
This church was located in a city known for its trade guilds. Thytaria was famous for its purple dye and cloth. A very famous Christian known to us–Lydia–lived here. The tutelary god of the city was Tyrimnos. The first of the seven churches was seen as weakening its love yet it was faithful to judge false teachers, while the church at Thyatira was growing in love, and tolerant of false teachers. Both extremes must be avoided. There must be proper balance to our teaching. Unloving orthodoxy and loving compromise are both hateful to God. There is a tremendous lesson to be learned here. We can be zealous and orthodox like Ephesus and at the same time lose our love for Christ. Or like Thyatira grieve the Lord because of our tolerance.

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Revelation 03 Letters to Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea

Sardis–The impregnable, situate upon a nearly inaccessible hill, its people were proud arrogant, over-confident. They were sure that no one could scale its perpendicular sides. Only one point of access. A very narrow neck at the south and this could be fortified very easily. But the enemy came in B.C. 549 and B.C. 218 and took Sardis. One unobserved, unguarded weak point, a crack in the wall. The chance of a thousand for a night attack. But the enemy came. Skillful mountain climbers scaled the slopes and dealt the crushing blow. Today all that remains is a cemetery.

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Revelation 04 GOD ON THE THRONE

Come with me and we will see the grand inauguration. First we are introduced to the Majesty On High–God himself is described in resplendent glory. Then we are introduced to heavens ruling class, the twenty four elders. What were they preparing for? None other than the coronation. Heaven’s ball room is filled with guests, no one had ever seen anything this elegant, excitement was in the air, praises were emanating from celestial beings. Then came the great announcement: The Lion of the tribe of Judah, The Lamb of God, The Root of David had appeared– The throne room was filled with applause. Lightening, Thunder, and voices–It was a “heavenly fireworks” seraphim’s and cherubim’s led in the “glory chorus” of Holy, Holy, Holy. They were proclaiming that Jesus the creator was worthy to receive power, honor and glory, for he had created all things.

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God is seated on His throne. The scroll of future history is sealed. An angel was asking who was worthy to reveal the future. No living creature in heaven or on earth was worthy. No magician, no astrologer, no sorcerer, no necromancer, no magi, no witch, no observer of times, no enchanter, no consulter with familiar spirits was able to give an accurate forecast of the future. John wept until one of the twenty four elders (heavens ruling class) told him that the “slain lamb”–Jesus–would take the scroll from the hand of God and reveal the future. Suddenly all heaven was seen in a praise-a-thon. A chorus of praise was coming from a hundred million saying that the “Lamb” was worthy to receive praise, riches, wisdom, strength, honor glory and blessing. So great was this celebration that even earth and sea joined in the celebration. All of heaven bowed in reverence to the Root of David.

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A white horse comes forth, with a mounted cavalier, having a bow and a crown that was given to him. He goes forth conquering and to conquer. During the reign of Trajan, who came from the Island of Crete which was famous for bows, he went forth conquering and to conquer. The empire of Rome grew to its greatest extent. From Armenia to Assyria, from Albania to Carduchian hills, every day new nations fell under the sway of this famed bowman. No sooner had this ended than a fiery red horse bursts on the scene. For the next hundred years the empire is drenched in blood from the Praetorian guards. They were the secret service of the emperors; with their sword they slew emperor after emperor and sold the office. Then a black horse races on the scene with a rider holding a pair of balances. This was a time of extreme taxation and exorbitant prices. Then a pale horse revealed in the opening of the fourth seal symbolizes death, and portrays in horrific panoramas the awful horrors of death during this period of history. The Greek word chlooros, translated “pale” means livid, ghastly, corpse-like. This horse looks like he was dead on foot, having famished away till there is nothing left but skin and bones. His rider is the grim monster of death. This represents a period of war, famine, pestilence and disease. The opening of the fifth seal reveals the martyrs. These martyrs all cried to God for vindication. Rest assured He has not forgotten a solitary wail or groan. Hence, an awful retribution, with accumulated and compound interest, is on the track of all the people in all ages that have persecuted God’s saints. There is but one Greek word for martyr and witness. Martyr is a pure Greek word, translated witness. When Jesus met an infuriated Saul on the Damascus road, He said unto him “I have appeared unto thee to make thee a minister and martyr.”Acts 26:16. From that time forward Paul knew he would have to suffer martyrdom. When he opened the sixth seal there was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, and the stars in the sky fell to earth. This must emblematize the terrible political convulsions, which shake every potentate on the globe from the mighty thrones of time-honored empires. The sun emblematizes the kings, the moon the queens, and stars the state governors and all subordinate rulers. We see, amid these terrible national convulsions and a revolution, every ruler is to be shaken from his throne. This was no doubt fulfilled when paganism fell and Christianity took control of the Roman Empire.

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This chapter tells us that four angels are standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds. They were to prevent the winds from blowing on land, sea, or tree. The Old Testament supplies us with many verses that tell us that the four corners of the earth are the four directions, namely North, South, East and West. In this chapter you will see that the winds of war will not come from any direction till God seals the 144,000 Jews and a multitude of Gentiles, which no man could number. To be sealed in the forehead is to have an understanding and acknowledgment of God – when we hear the gospel of our salvation and believe we are sealed with the Holy Spirit. This group of people had come out of great tribulation. The previous chapter gives us insight into the tribulation that they had gone through. They are before the throne (to be before the throne must mean in prayer and praise). They are serving him day and night. They are living on the top of the mountain, drinking the living water and eating the hidden manna. Alleluia.

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All of these trumpets tell of war. The successive invasions of the Roman Empire under Alaric, Genseric, Attila, and Odacer are vividly portrayed on the canvas of history. The 1st. was Alaric, king of the Goths (A.D. 395-410). Consider the devastation that was caused by Alaric. The horrors of war cause the trees and green grass to be burned up. The 2nd. Invasion was by Genseric, king of the Vandals (A.D. 423-468). A great mountain, symbol of some kingdom-burning out of control is cast into the sea; the waves are dyed red with blood. The Vandals sail into the Tiber and attack Rome from the sea. The 3rd. trumpet sounds and a star falls from heaven. The rivers and waters are smitten. On the banks of rivers the chief cities of his world have been located. In (A.D. 433-455) Attila, the king of the Huns, invaded the Roman Empire. He was like a meteor streaking across the sky leaving destruction in his way. He is soon burned out. He was styled “the scourge of God.” The 4th. Trumpet sounds and a third part of the sun, moon, and stars are smitten. This must represent political overthrow. The final conquest of Rome came at the hands of Odoacer, king of the Huruli (A.D. 476-490). Rome had not seen an enemy in a thousand years. The Roman senate goes down. It was a time of political upheaval. The winds of war have been released upon the empire.

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There is little doubt that this chapter depicts the rise of Mohammed. The prophet sees a falling star: Mohammed was a fallen star. He who was destined to rule was set aside. He came with a smoke screen of deception like blowing smoke from an abyss. He came with a vast army of workers spreading over the eastern part of the empire. Their work of torment lasted one hundred and fifty years. His torment was worse than the sting of a scorpion. They were all on horseback. This mighty movement had its origin in Arabia. They had long beards, long hair, yellow turbans, and horse tails for banners. Every symbol in this chapter points to Arabia. By the eighth century they controlled Egypt, Greece, Eastern Europe, Spain, Arabia, Syria, Portugal and Africa. He used his “key” the Koran, which has no code of morals, to justify licentiousness, murder and robbery. Mohammed boldly claimed that he had ascended into the seventh heaven, and there before the effulgent majesty of the Almighty where he is informed that he is being sent with the sword to compel all the people in the world to cast away their religion and accept the Koran. The Koran says: “A night spent in arms is more precious in the sight of God than months of fasting and prayer. Whosoever dies in battle, his sins are forgiven. In the Day of Judgment, his wounds shall be resplendent as vermilion, and odoriferous as musk. In the Mussulman’s paradise, seventy-two damsels of sparkling beauty shall minister to the most humble of the faithful.” The Turkish Empire has been the upholder of Mohammedism the last twelve hundred years. It was a penalty of death to profess Christianity in that empire till the treaty of Ryswick, 1844 AD, when the united powers of Christendom forced on the Turks the Act of Toleration. This treaty they have been flagrantly violating[CH3].

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Early in the 16th century a revolution begun – the reformation movement. For centuries there had been friction between the Catholic Church and the people. One of the principle leaders of the movement was Martin Luther. He was bold enough to publish his protest in the “95 Theses.” This caused a revolt in Germany. This soon had a domino effect throughout Europe. Pope Leo X excommunicated Martin Luther, but Luther burned the decree at Wittenberg. The cries arouse over the sale of indulgences. For money, the church would release people from crimes including murder (by selling indulgences). Then the pope claimed “infallibility.” This supremacy was disputed by England and Germany. Papal power was weakened when she had two popes at the same time hurling words of anger against anyone who should support the other. At about the same time there was a movement in Switzerland by a priest named Zwingli. He married in 1524 openly disobeying the pope. John Calvin settled in Geneva and taught theology which was adopted by the Puritans of England and was carried across the Atlantic by the Pilgrims who came to America for freedom of religion. Scandinavia withdrew its support of the Catholic Church in 1527. Denmark abolished the authority of the bishops in 1536. The Netherlands went over to the Lutherans. Spain, France and Scotland were rejecting the authority of the pope. One by one the ten kingdoms of Europe were leaving the Catholic Church. The entire movement was about a BOOK called the BIBLE.

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In the previous chapter we learned of the Bible being translated from dead languages. Now we are told to rise and measure the Temple of God. When the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians he referred to them as the Temple of God. Priests like John Wycliffe of Oxford, Tyndale (another Oxford monk), and Coverdale (who made the first complete English Bible) gave the world a book that contained the correct measurements. The Roman Clergy had taken the Bible from the people. They were opposed to its circulation. They had put it in a dead language and no one but the monks were allowed to read it. Until Martin Luther found a Latin Bible in an Augustinian monastery he did not know there were scriptures other than the ones in the Catholic breviary. After reading the Word of God he became a reformer. He used the measuring rod of God’s word to determine that their doctrine did not measure up the Bible standard. He couldn’t find purgatory, celibacy, nuns, holly water, worship of saints (idolatry), image worship. After a careful examination of the doctrines of Catholicism one can truthfully say that none of them measure up to the measuring rod. God says the two witnesses (Old Testament and New Testament) would prophesy in sackcloth and ashes (dead languages) during the period of the dark ages and come back to life again. Today we have the LIVING WORD OF GOD.

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John saw a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: Some say this woman was Mary, the Man child Jesus, the moon, the Jewish law. Then the dragon must have been Herod, and the heaven to which the child was caught up must have been Egypt. But none of this will fit the rod (God’s word that was given to measure with). Mary was never clothed with the sun. She never had a crown of twelve stars on her head. Herod had but one head and no horns, while the dragon had seven heads and ten horns. Egypt would be a poor representative of heaven. If this is the case, who are the other children of verse 17?

Here I present a much more consistent representation[CH5]:

1. The “woman” represents the church.

2. “Her head” represents Christ. (Eph. 1:22; 4:15; Col. 1:18).

3. “Clothed with the sun” represents the church clothed with the Gospel or Christ’s glory. Mal. 4:2.

4. “Crown of twelve stars” represents the 12 Apostles that Jesus chose.

5. “Moon” represents the Old dispensation, which like the moon shines only from borrowed light.

6. “The woman brought forth a man child” represents The Church giving birth to the citizens of heaven. Cf. Isa 66:7-10. The nation of Israel was referred to as a man-child born of a woman[CH6]. It is no great thing therefore if we refer to the Church giving birth to Children, that is, having an increase in its membership.

7. The Dragon represents a government that acted like a beast. It has seven heads and ten horns. The Western Roman government passed through seven forms of rule and was divided into ten parts. The dragon’s tail drew down stars; or eminent men of the church were carnalized and they scandalized the church. The dragon that persecuted the church, Pagan Rome, was not akin to her but her mortal enemy. This despotic government, both in its pagan and papal form, was the bitter and relentless foe of civil and religious liberty. For the entire period of the dark ages she was the foe of every true believer. The church would preach the “blood of the Lamb” and by their testimony and living sacrifice would destroy the dragon from of government. We should note that the papacy assumed the Lordship and Priesthood of the church. It is the same church during the same period contending chiefly against the same power in chapter 12; but the contention is over another sort of ruler-ship. In this chapter the civil rule or temporal lordship is in question. I need only remind the reader that popery claimed to rule in the state as well as in the church and the pope wears a triple crown in testimony of the fact that he rules in earth, heaven and Hades. But God secured the church for 1260 years during the reign of the Papal See. The red dragon arose to destroy the child but God safely secured it. The church remained hidden from view and the dragon continued on in medieval splendor. The Pope tried to find every dissenter and have him tried and exterminated, but the Church was hidden. He made war against them that keep the commandments of God, and hold the testimony of Jesus. The Pope hasn’t given up or let up.

Now its coming clear to our minds. The dragon represents Rome. Rome was the empire used of Satan to try to destroy the Savior. The Dragon had “ten horns.” A horn grows out of the head of an animal. A horn, you remember, is a king. When the Roman Empire collapsed, ten divisions resulted. Barbarian tribes hammered at the Roman empire for many years until it fell apart and the ten divisions were ruled by ten kings! They were: the Alemani (Germany), the Franks (French), Burgundians (Switzerland), the Suevi (Portugal), the Anglo-Saxons (Britain), the Visigoths (Spain), the Lombards (Italy), the Vandals, Ostrogoths, and Heruli. The Pope of Rome destroyed the last three because they refused to become Christian. The last of these, the Ostrogoths, were thrust out of the city of Rome by the armies of Emperor Justinian and have become extinct. Then in 538 A.D. the pope took possession of the city. These ten divisions of Rome are the ten horns of the “dragon.”

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Revelation 13 ROME, SWORD, CAESARS, AND 666

In chapter 11, John gave us an account of the witnesses of Jesus, the Word of God, from the time it was all completed and brought into one volume, to the time it was restored to the Lord’s people after lying dead (in dead languages) for 1260 years (chapter 11). In chapter 12, he gave us an account of the church in the wilderness (during the time the Bible was not used as a measure) for 1260 years. Now, he gives us a perfect view of the power that put down the Word of God and drove the church into the wilderness. He speaks of the power that was to wear out the saints, war against the Word of God, blaspheme the God of heaven, the tabernacle (church) and them that dwell therein, and compel the world to worship him.




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Here we have a resplendent scene, 144,000 have their Father’s name on their foreheads. In the previous chapter those who followed the beast had his mark on their forehead. The 144,000 are seen as singing a new song. “On Zion’s glorious summit stood a numerous host redeemed by blood! They hymned their King in strains divine; I heard the song, and strove to join, I heard the song, and strove to join. Here all who suffered sword or flame for truth, or Jesus’ lovely name, shout victory now and hail the Lamb, and bow before the great I AM, While everlasting ages roll eternal love shall feast their soul, and scenes of bliss, forever new, rise in succession to their view.” The scene changes and we see an Angel flying in mid-heaven with the everlasting gospel to preach to all the world. While the dark ages was in progress the everlasting gospel was hidden from the people now the reformation and restoration have come and the reformers are preaching the gospel to all humanity, “Fear God and give Him glory.” No longer did men have to fear the Pope. He had been locked up in exile.

Following the announcement that the gospel has been preached again to all the world by the reformers, comes the second announcement: “Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great,” (better known to us as Church and State). The Pope had lost the 10 kingdoms of Europe. Hallelujah! She had made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. Now God says that his judgments have come. The imagery is awesome. All who have the mark of the beast must suffer its doom. All who have a part with the religion of Catholicism will be doomed. God says “come out of her my people.”

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The “key” to this chapter is the words “last” (15:1) “seven last plagues,” and the word “completed,” “God’s wrath is completed.” This does not, however, mean that the world has come to an end. There is much more to come after the seven bowls of wrath, which we will detail in coming chapters. Please notice that there are saints singing praises because they have gained the victory over the beast (Catholicism). Like the Israelites when they crossed the Red Sea they composed a song and sang because of the victory, the words of the song are as follows:

Great and marvelous are your deeds, Lord God Almighty.

Just and true are your ways, King of the ages.

Who will not fear you, O Lord, and bring glory to your name?

For you alone are holy.

All nations will come and worship before you,

for your righteous acts have been revealed.

Heaven’s temple is opened and seven angels who are dressed as priests are given seven bowls full of the wrath of God. No one can enter the temple to the place of testimony to avert the judgments of God upon the beast till the last bowl of wrath is poured out.

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This chapter will give us the detailed accounts of the judgments upon the “beast and its image.” The fourteenth chapter is but a summary of the events while the fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth presents the unfolding of the events. The seventh seal lead us to the overthrow of Paganism–the seven trumpets lead us to the overthrow of the Roman Empire–Now the seven vials lead us to the overthrow of the Beast. Each one of the series of sevens leads up to the fulfillment of an epoch. It is important to understand that the seven bowls of wrath are to be poured upon the “beast with seven heads and ten horns.” She is variously described as the harlot, the great city Babylon, the scarlet adulteress, etc. After the Reformation, which brought untold misery to the Roman Church, she still did not repent but rather asserted that she was infallible. As we look at 2 Thess. 2:9,l0 we are told that she would use signs and wonders, lies and miracles. Now John sees unclean spirits, as it were frogs, coming out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.” The final triumph will come when the Lord calls her to judgment at Har-Magedon.

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Come with me and I will introduce you to the harlot. She is drunk (not with intoxicants, but with the blood of saints). She is on a scarlet colored beast. No one can take a picture of her hierarchy without seeing this color. The Catholic church has blasphemed and held out a cup luring people into sin by her indulgences. The ten kingdoms of Europe helped the Catholic church who opposed God’s people. Many people were bamboozled and hoodwinked by this religion of whom God declares does not have eternal life. It was such a riddle and mystery that even the apostle wondered with great admiration. John tells us that the beast he saw was the ten kingdoms of Europe and that they would give the Catholic church their power for a period of time and then hate her. She would make war with the Lamb and his followers but in the final analysis the ten kingdoms of Europe would finally bring her down. God’s word was and is being fulfilled. Alleluia. Daniel the Prophet declared, “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of times” Dan 7:25. She claims the power to make and unmake kings. She changed the laws respecting the Lord’s Supper. She set up images. In l075 Pope Gregory VII declared all clerical marriages invalid. This was the greatest mass divorce in history. She changed times and laws. She changed our calendar. In 1518 Pope Gregory changed our calendar ten days. She changed the l0 commandments. In general she claims absolute control of all religion. The last verse of the chapter tells us that the “Woman” is a “City” which rules over the earth. If this isn’t ROME, then please tell me what city he had in mind.

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The great blasphemer is now receiving her retribution from a just and holy God. She was the hold of every foul and unclean bird and the habitation of demons. To the student of history the Vatican is the headquarters of the rottenest and most corrupt acts in history. Our God is seen saying, “come out of her…do not partake of her sins.” There is nothing holy about the “holy Catholic church.” God is going to pour out his judgment double unto her. The sentence is pronounced and execution is certain. She is going into hell at last. She must pay for her involvement in killing saints and prophets and trafficking in the souls of men. Well! God had a score to settle with the old “mother of harlots” and in this chapter he tells us about it. Read on brother and sister!

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People will be living to witness the destruction of “Babylon The Great”” better known as “union of Church and State.” In the previous chapter and in verses 9,15, 16, 17, men were witnessing the destruction of Romanism. Christ is on the battlefield and her demise is sure. We are informed in this chapter that God “hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand” (ver.2) Heaven’s ruling class of twenty-four elders are shouting Alleluia. We are then told that our Omnipotent God reigns! He is elsewhere described as Omnific, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. Our God invites us to the “Marriage supper of the Lamb.” This scene is anticipatory; the full vision is reserved for chapter 21. We are now told of a warfare waged by the one who is called Faithful and True: with eyes like as of fire and many crowns on his head and wearing a vesture dipped in the blood of his enemies and his name is called The Word of God. This will be warfare in defense of truth. During this great period of time He will smite the nations; and rule them with a rod of iron. He will tread the enemies of truth like grapes in a winepress. Will you join me as we gather at the supper of the great God? Verse twenty tells us that the Beast (Papal Powers) and the false prophet (Mohammedan Powers) are captured and reserved for severer fate than death on the battlefield. The scene ends with God casting them into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. Join me with an exposition and analysis of the very verses that describe these scenes. I will give you a tour of the battlefield where the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual.

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In our discussion of the seven seals we disclosed the fall of the Roman Empire. The seventh seal is developed by seven trumpets, and when the last is sounded this announcement is made: “The kingdom of the world is become the kingdom of our Lord, and of His Christ: and He shall reign for ever and ever (Rev. 11:15) Now the real question is what the kingdom of the world became. Did the kingdom of the world go to the Devil or become the kingdom of the Lord? Is this world headed for a better day or headed for the rocks? Did Jesus send us out with a message of despair or a message of hope? Either the gospel is good news or bad news. Either Christ and His kingdom shall triumph or the kingdom of Satan. In this chapter we will find the answer to these questions. We know that “the gospel is the power of God” (Rom 1:16) and that it is the means of Satan’s downfall. (Rom. 16:20) Jesus shall reign until every enemy is abolished (I Cor. 15:25,26). Yes Christian friend there is hope for a brighter day and this chapter forecasts such a triumph.

Alleluia! We have heretofore described the proclamation of “eternal good tidings” (Rev. 14:6,7). This proclamation of the Gospel has been committed to the church. Therefore, the idea of an angel “flying through the midst of heaven proclaiming the word to every nation and tribe and tongue and people.” must have reference to an effort to evangelize the world by means of telstar and other satellite communications used by the people of God to proclaim the gospel.

In the previous chapter (19:11-16) we have the following description: A rider on a white horse, followed by warriors “clothed in fine linen, white and pure,” a sword is protruding from the mouth of the rider on the horse. This sword is the word by which he will smite the Nations and take rule of the world resulting in the fall of “Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth” (17:5). We have already described the power and the Roman Catholic church. The False Prophet of which we have described as Mohammed, these two powers along with the Kings of the Earth are described as being overthrown. The nations of this earth are doomed because of their misrule, because they supported these beastly institutions. Evidence of that fact at present is the diplomatic relation between the Vatican and all civilized nations. The Devil is arrested and incarcerated. He is sentenced without parole for a thousand years. Our Lord spoke of Satan’s defeat as a result of preaching by the seventy (Luke `10:17,18). In Rev. 12:10-11, Satan (who is called the dragon with seven heads and ten horns) is overcome by three means–the blood of Christ, the testimony of the gospel, and the suffering of the church. Martyrs are reigning with Christ for a thousand years. This is called the first resurrection. After the millennium Satan will be released for a short period. Like most released convicts he is incorrigible and goes out to stir up more trouble but this time God will put him and the false prophet where they belong–in the lake of fire and brimstone to be tormented for ever and ever. In the previous chapter we noted that the beast and the false prophet were already in the lake of fire and brimstone. The general resurrection will then occur in which all the dead will participate. The whole world will be judged and those written in the book of life will experience all that is promised them in the next two chapters. You are now invited to join me in an analysis of the text.

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This is not a description of a renovation or remodeling job. The Bible is explicit about the destruction of heaven and earth. John sees the New Jerusalem not the one located in the holy land but one descending from heaven. In the vision he sees God dwelling among us with no death, mourning, crying or pain. A special announcement is being given from the throne of God; “I AM MAKING EVERYTHING NEW!” God promises all this to the OVERCOMER. The second death is for all unbelieving, vile etc. An angel shows John the Lambs wife–the Holy City Jerusalem. It shined with brilliance like Jasper. It had 12 gates, 12 angels, and inscriptions on the gates of the 12 tribes. The walls had 12 foundations with an inscription of the 12 apostles. The city was 1400 miles square with walls 200 feet high all of which was made of precious stones. God and Christ were there and their brilliance lightened the city. The pearly gates are always open but only the saved can enter. The redeemed will walk on streets of Gold. Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest.

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Revelation 22 Tree of Life Restored

The grand theme of the bible is the story of human redemption. This theme is well illustrated by how it is discussed in the first and last books of the bible.

l. Genesis begins with creation of the heavens and the earth. Revelation ends with the creation of the new heavens and earth.

2. Genesis begins with man in the garden of Eden. Revelation ends with man back in a garden with the tree of life.

3. In Genesis man meets Satan, is overcome and falls. In Revelation Satan meets the Son of God, is cast out of heaven and stripped of all his authority.

4. In Genesis man is cast out of Eden and deprived of the tree of life. In Revelation the redeemed are invited to eat of the tree of life and live forever.

5. In Genesis is a tree, the fruit of which was the curse of all nations. In Revelation is a tree, the leaves of which are for the healing of all nations.

6. In Genesis we see the beginning of sin, pain, sorrow and death. In Revelation we see the end of sin, pain, sorrow and death.

7. In Genesis we see Satan enter to deceive man and the world. In Revelation Satan is cast out that he may deceive the nations no more.

Heaven is pictured as a Holy City. All the cares of this life are over. There will be no sorrow in Heaven. Great joy will abound. This vision is both profound and exciting. Reader you can experience all these joys for the Spirit and the Bride say come!

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