Isaiah 66

  INTRODUCTION TO ISAIAH CHAPTER 66 Heaven is God’s throne─no house on earth can compare.  God was not looking for a house, he was looking for a humble man who trembles at his word.  They sacrificed, held meetings, observed Sabbaths, new moons and appointed feasts─God hated every minute of it─what he wanted was a person […]

Isaiah 65

INTRODUCTION TO ISAIAH CHAPTER 65 Gentiles had not sought after God but now they are seeking him.  They hadn’t bothered to ask but now they want the only God and God says here I am.  Twenty-four seven God had called Israel but they just ignored him.  They insulted God to his face with idols.  They […]

Isaiah 64

INTRODUCTION TO ISAIAH CHAPTER 64 They wanted God to rip the skies open and come down like he did at Mt. Sinai.  Mountains would shutter and oceans boil.  What a God we have and what miracles he can do─He is about ready for another awesome act─this one will be greater than the opening of the […]

Isaiah 63

INTRODUCTION TO ISAIAH CHAPTER 63 Edom─brother of Israel thru Esau.  The land of Edom” Gen. 36:16, was mountainous.  It was called  “the mountain of Seir.”  It is a wild and rugged region, and its old capital was Bozrah Isa 63:1.  The early inhabitants of the land were Horites.  They were destroyed by the Edomites Deut. […]

Isaiah 62

INTRODUCTION TO ISAIAH CHAPTER 62 The prophet couldn’t hold his tongue and stop praying till the judges were restored, and Zion’s converts were righteous and salvation went forth like a blazing fire.  Zion will be a crown of splendor and a royal diadem.  Zion will no longer be called the God forsaken land.  Their new […]

Isaiah 61

INTRODUCTION TO ISAIAH CHAPTER 61 God sends Cyrus to open the prisons─this is the year of the LORD’s pardon and the day of vengeance of our God on the heathen nation, who had been a part of the exile.  God appointed Israel beauty for ashes─a garland for a head dress instead of marking one’s self […]

Isaiah 60

INTRODUCTION TO ISAIAH CHAPTER 60 Israel was to rise, shine in splendor.  Darkness as black as night was to cover the rest of the world.  Their hearts and minds were darkened because of blindness.  From Zion rays of light flowed to other nations.  Their sons and grandchildren were brought back by their captors.  Merchants from […]

Isaiah 59

INTRODUCTION TO ISAIAH CHAPTER 59 God’s hand was not too short nor was he hard of hearing.  They had shut God out of their life and their sins had separated them from God.  Their hands were dripping with blood.  Their tongue was coated with lies and obscenities.  They were foul mouthed and their evil deeds […]

Isaiah 58

INTRODUCTION TO ISAIAH CHAPTER 58 Shout it out!  Show my people what is wrong with their lives.  These pious snobs pretended to enjoy Bible reading and temple services, but their mind and heart was empty.  They folded their hands in prayer and bent the knee─but their hands were stained with blood.  This people fasted, prayed […]

Isaiah 57

INTRODUCTION TO ISAIAH CHAPTER 57 Righteous men are perishing and nobody seems to care─they find rest and escape the calamity to come.  An evil brood had been spawned─born of sluts, witches, sorceresses and adulterers─this worthless race─this brood of rebels─this bunch of God-haters were senseless, heartless and ruthless.  They sought to satisfy their lusts in any […]