Echo re-echo’s the views held by the King James translators, scholars of the Protestant Reformation and Reformation Period and Sir Isaac Newton.  The old is being re-told in a new and fresh format.  Like a resurrection from the dead the old truths are coming to life again.  His insight into the past will illume and pierce the darkness.  The scrolls of Revelation are unrolled and connected to history.

Negotiations at a laundry-mat──God deeds Edom’s land to a wildlife refuge──Hezekiah and time turned back──God calls a Gentile to free his people──Broken hearts and broken prison doors──Grandchildren returning from the four corners of the earth──God making the wise “Dumb and Dumber”──Recycling the gold from idol gods──Orphans returned and tyrants tamed──From crib to cross to crown──Judges took bribes, Priest taught for money──Wolves and Lambs living together──A nation born in a day──Fall of world trade center──Crocodile of the Nile.

Read how Moab passed into oblivion─Women were led with nose hooks into slavery─God seeking an ocean of justice──God pays Israel a visit─Dreams that fueled peoples passions──Boiling with indignation─Drinking binge that ends in divorce─Jewish girl wins a foreign beauty Pageant─plans to exterminate all Jews─A dinner party and a hanging──Sinner’s riches turned over to the righteous─Sackcloth and ashes─Red tagged for 16 years─Building the Temple.